Privacy policy

Synef Ltd.— hereinafter referred to as "Synef" undertakes obligations to protect personal data obtained when using our website and other services. The privacy policy provisions presented here in relation to the use of the website relate to the Sinef company's website and establish Sinef's obligations to protect personal data, and also establish the procedure for the collection, use, transfer and storage of personal data. This policy applies only to the personal information that is required to be obtained for processing.

2 Collection and use of personal data

Synef has established a procedure for using the website in order to keep in touch with all interested parties. The standard form is used to send requests and applications and redirects the received data to the appropriate department/to the corresponding employee. In addition, there is a telephone number of the Syneph branch on the website, which can be contacted if personal communication is necessary. In order to process your application correctly, we can store your name, email, phone number in our database, as well as other information that you have;they considered it necessary to leave it. All information you have left is used strictly for its intended purpose, in connection with the request you have left, and may not be transferred to third parties, with the exception of the cases mentioned in this privacy policy, and also innbsp; if disclosure is required/permitted by law.
In the event that Synef sees the need for the use of your personal data in connection with purposes other than those described in this privacy policy (news, events, leisure, new products and services, promotions and/or campaigns), you will receive a corresponding notification with a request, if possible, to give your consent to this. If the client does not wish to consent to the use of personal data, it is sufficient to reply to the appropriate email or contact our employee responsible for data protection.
In order for data processing to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the legal grounds for processing your personal data are formulated by us prior to the processing process. In the event that you have been redirected to the page of signing consent to the processing of personal data, after you leave your consent to the processing of data on the corresponding page, we receive legal grounds for processing of your personal information.

3 Transfer of personal data

The transfer of personal data to third parties is not provided.

4 Children

Our website is not intended for the use of children, we do not intend to collect personal data of customers under the age of 18. In the event that We are informed or otherwise find out that the collected personal information relates to persons who have not reached the age of 18, We will take all commercially reasonable steps to delete this information.

5 Storage and deletion of personal data

Syneph does not store the collected personal data for longer than is required by the reasons for which this data was collected, and takes all steps to comply with the procedure for safe data deletion. For more information on storing and deleting personal data, please refer to the Feedback section of this Privacy Policy.

6 Rights of personal data subjects

When working with personal data, Synef relies on the rights of personal data subjects established by Regulation (EU) 2016/679. For more information, please refer to the Feedback section of this Privacy Policy.

7 Right of access and deletion of data of subjects

Syneph assumes that the personal data left directly by customers are accurate and complete. Clients are provided with the opportunity to access and update their personal data through the Application of the subject of personal data.

8 The right to  deletion of data by the subject

The subject of personal data may request the deletion of all stored personal data, in such a Syneph undertakes to fulfill the stated requirement. The subject may be denied the deletion of personal data only in the case of an appropriate exception. A request for the deletion of personal data may be submitted through the Application of the subject of personal data.
Synef undertakes to delete personal data in the event that at least one of the following points is applicable:
Personal data is no longer required in connection with the purposes for which it was collected;
The subject of personal data prohibits data processing and there are no other legal grounds for data processing;
Personal data was collected illegally.

In case of receiving a request for the deletion of personal data, subject to confirmation of identity, in case of compliance with one of the points described above, in the absence of other legal grounds for processing, Sinef undertakes to delete all personal data. The request must be entered in the Request Log of personal Data subjects.
If it is impossible to delete personal data, Synef undertakes to take all measures to:
Personal data could not/will not be used for any informing of the subject, or in any other way affecting the interests of the subject;
Do not provide access to personal data to other organizations;
Protect personal data using appropriate organizational and technical capabilities;
If it becomes possible, immediately permanently delete the information.

9 The rights of the subject to the restriction of data processing

Through the Application of the subject of personal data, the subject of personal data may restrict the processing of data by the Controller.

10 The right of the subject to make an objection

Through the Application of the subject of personal data, the subject may at any time object to the processing of data.

11 The subject's right to data portability

If necessary, by sending the personal data subject's Application, subject to the conditions described in Article 20 of the GDPR, the personal data subject has the right to receive a copy of his personal data in a structured format.

If the processing of the application within the 30-day period seems impossible for the Syneph, in the allotted period, the employee responsible for the protection of personal data ensures that the subject or the legal representative of the subject receives the following information:
Confirmation of receipt of the application.
Any information available at the moment.
Providing detailed information in connection with the request, contact information, description of possible changes in connection with the subject's request, reasons(s) for refusal, and also a description of possible steps that can be taken in connection with the decision.
The estimated date of sending the remaining responses to requests.
The estimated cost of services for the Subject of personal data (for example, in cases where the request involves significant efforts to process it).
Name and contact information of the responsible employee.

12 Amendments

In the event that, in connection with changes in the legal framework, business requirements, for the convenience of guests, strategic partners and service providers, or for better maintenance of real estate, Synef will change the terms of the Privacy Policy, all innovations will be displayed here. The updated version will be posted on the website with the date of the last change, so you will know the date of the last update of our Privacy Policy. In case of significant changes, we can also send an Email to the relevant users with a description of the new conditions. If it is necessary to obtain legal grounds, we may need your consent to make changes.

13 Feedback

If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:
If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data by us, including if you believe that your rights have been violated within the framework of current legislation, you can file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority. organizations.